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This material is also appropriate for fibroids and other women’s hormone imbalances

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Discovering a breast lump tends to cause a surge of distress and raw emotions.  The immediate future, family, friends, and life goals can be eclipsed by anxiety.  We know other women that have found breast lumps or grappled with breast cancer; their stories color our response.

Our stress is intensified as we must repeatedly bare our breasts to strangers for evaluation and probing, subjecting our intimate parts to indifferent machines that squeeze and irradiate—western medicines foremost diagnostic techniques are unequivocally the antithesis of femininity.  It requires fortitude to get through these appointments.

Many of us are fortunate to sigh with relief when we hear the words “BENIGN”.   We’re the lucky ones, spared the grueling regime of radiation, chemotherapy or mastectomy.

Still, we’ve got these unwanted growths…


Perhaps you consider yourself healthy and are unclear why your body is inclined to these masses or how to be proactive in addressing them.  Western medicine has little to say concerning the underlying causes of breast lumps or how to prevent future growth.  Treatment typically involves cutting out the culprit.

Perhaps you are not ready to be sliced open to remove lumps that have low risk of malignancy.  There is a good deal to be gained by exploring lifestyle, dietary and herbal therapies that could shrink them or prevent future growths.

The option for surgical removal will always be there.

There are many types of benign breast lumps.  Most are not static–within menstrual cycles, and over months or years they can and often do change.  The positive gift of this variability is that it means they can be healed.  Natural health practitioners consider breast lumps to be just one piece of your larger health picture.  We believe that fibrocystic lumps and fibroadenomas are manifestations of imbalanced hormones states and weakened detoxification pathways of the body. Other physiological stressors are likely contributing factors as well.

© Jen Landry

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For step by step help evaluating your hormone levels and metabolic function.  Exploring below the surface of your symptoms into your digestive and immune system integrity are important secondary factors.  By broadening awareness of these key elements, you will increase your awareness of disrupted systems and ways to regain hormone balance, energetic vigor, and undermine the growth of these masses.

I use a blend of Eastern and Western modalities to give you insights into the underlying stressors and dysregulating factors creating the tendency for breast lumps to form.  Decreasing external and internal stressors —such as chemical exposures or nutrient deficiencies– are crucial to achieving and sustaining long term health and preventing future lumps from forming.

I provide guidance and support into perceiving your body as a whole, an integrated system that can be recalibrated for optimal function and balance.

I provide solid information about your hormone balance, detoxification capacity, immune function, and digestive system so you can take charge of your daily choices and their ripple effects to your life.  These are the foundation for formulating a health plan that uses dietary and lifestyle recommendations, supplements, and herbs to restore balance and optimal wellness.  I am happy to work with your medical doctors and other healthcare providers to ensure that the therapies you receive are safe and understood by all professionals concerned with your health.


© Jen Landry

Fibroadenomas can be correlated with increased cancer risks, a weight that lurks in the back of the mind.  Some things we can’t control, but there are many that we can—we are the primary artists that paint our tomorrows.  Epigenetics is the new buzz in medical science—genetics are not the sole driver of our health—lifestyle, nutrition, immunity, mental health and attitudes all play significant roles.  Feel vulnerable and afraid of cancer?  This is incredible news…we can choose to translate our fears into effective action.


If you need surgery, herbs and supplements can be used to increase your immunity, decrease pre-surgery anxiety and increase wound healing post-surgery.


In my mid-20’s I was diagnosed with multiple fibroadenomas, though I was active and healthy.  I have a strong memory of being handed a checklist correlating the presence of fibroadenomas with factors that increase my lifetime chances of getting breast cancer.  Doctors recommended immediate removal of the biggest lumps, though they were likely benign.  As a budding natural health practitioner, I was so frustrated that the standard approach was simply to cut out the problem.  Not a single doctor could tell me how to address the underlying issues that caused the lumps or what I could do to prevent more from growing.

I responded by drastically reducing dietary fats, as they are entangled with hormone manufacture.  However, living an active life in a cold climate and not replacing my overall fat intake with healthy fats drove my hormones into even deeper states of imbalance.  I took the right herbs, but in insufficient dosages and without monitoring their impact on my hormone levels.  At the time I was resistant to taking more supplements to address nutritional deficiencies.  Despite everything I was doing, my lumps continued to grow.  I felt betrayed by my body.

That was two decades ago.  Years of continued study, trial and modifications have led me to find herbs, supplements and foods that keep my lumps in check and lifestyle practices that I am optimistic will keep me cancer free.  I am committed to pursuing my dreams, living with integrity and eating a nutritious anti-cancer diet augmented by key supplements.  I have learned to value my health enough to test my hormone levels periodically and continually work toward optimal health.  The story is still unfolding, but I hope to share this path with you, so that you too can achieve hormone balance and a better quality of life naturally!

© Jen Landry

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